FVWM and java ComponentHidden

Hi all:

I have a java application that is listening for a component hidden event. When the java component is hidden, it is supposed to close itself - pretty simple.

However, there is a problem - the window is closing itself when it is not truly ‘hidden’ but when the mouse over a pop_up window.

E.g., my java app Foo starts a pop_up window. This window appears in the center of the screen, but is maybe 3 inches by 2 inches - e.g., it doesn’t fill the entire screen, nor does it actually HIDE the original Foo window. All is well until I move my mouse pionter over this pop_up window, and poof the parent window disappears. THIS IS BAD. I WANT that parent window to remain. I assume that the parent window is receiving some kind of mouse event, perhaps mouse out of focus, or something, but this java application is listening with java.awt.event.componentlistener.ComponentHidden – does this java application need to be listening with something else? I want the application to go out of focus when it is TRULY hidden, but not just when the mouse if over a different window (e.g., a child window, or a StaysOnTop window like the pager, or a clock) only when it is TRULY hidden…

Is there some way around this via a style I’ve tried the following, but to no avail:

Style "FOO_POPUP" NeverFocus, !FPGrabFocus, !FPGrabFocusTransient, StaysOnTop, !SloppyFocus

Any thoughts, any at all, would be appreciated.

I can change the java code, or my .fvwm2rc - so if anyone has dealt with this problem before, or if you know anyone who has done this kind of work before, please let me know .


I assume you mean from this that the entire application is to close itself –
and just the hidden component?

I think you’ll find this a facet of the way the Java application handles such
things. You either have a Focus Listener doing this on your behalf, or else
you have (tenuously) FvwmEvent doing some odd things.

Sorry I can’t be any more specific than that. If you wanted, the output from
xprop on this popup window would be a nice thing to see. We both know how
notorious Java applications are for ICCCM compliance.

– Thomas Adam