Fvwm and nm-applet

This is just a shot a shot in the dark, but:

I use nm-applet running in stalonetray under fvwm. If I log into gnome, the applet will see the network and let me log in the wireless network. In fvwm, the applet will just spin and spin, trying to connect until it gives up.

I’m using this under Debian Lenny and was curious if anyone else encountered this problem.

Works fine for me. Has nothing to do with FVWM at all. Try running gnome-settings-daemon and/or unlocking your GNOME keyring.

– Thomas Adam

I didn’t think it had anything to do with FVWM, but hey, it was worth a shot.

I just think Debian Lenny hates my laptop. In Slackware, it works great.

In case anyone else needs this, my problem is a bug in Debian’s madwifi driver, which has a patch.