FVWM and remote access


I have an ‘rshell’ that is remotely logged onto my computer running fvwm.
I want to be able to send a command via rshell from machine A to machine B to start some graphical application on B.

something like:


Is this even possible in FVWM? Can FVWM listen on a port and handle something like this when an FVWMEvent? It would really help me out if someone knew how this type of thing was done.

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You want ‘ssh -X’, ideally. ALthough typically you can do:

DISPLAY="" myapp &

(where the IP address is that of the machine you want to start the application on.)

Nothing to do with FVWM – it’s all about the Xserver. Mind you, if you wanted to send FVWM a command, then you can use FvwmCommand in the usual way.

– Thomas Adam

So, let me see if I have this right:

Machine B has FVWM running on it, and Machine A DOES NOT.

Machine A sends a command via SSH to Machine B. Machine B will start up the application correctly, and if the application started on Machine B has any FVWM styles, or FVWMEvents related to it, these will be run/applied to the application?

If I am wrong, please let me know.

  • Skender

No, the application window will be managed by the remote window manager, whichever this may be.

[color=red]Also moving from General configuration questions because, as Thomas pointed out, this is not strictly an Fvwm question.[/color]

Ok, I have to admit that I am getting confused… sorry.

tBD when you said:

Does that mean that the application started on Machine B (which has FVWM running on it) will NOT be in control of the application because the application was started by Machine A (which doesn’t have FVWM running on it)?

If that is the case, let me ask a new/different/clarifying question on how to make the application be controlled by the FVWM:

Is it possible to send a command from machine A to machine B (which is running FVWM) which says, “Machine B, you need to start up application foo on your display via fvwm”?

I am limited to using rshell to send the command from machine A to machine B. I was hoping that when the command comes from machine A, machine B would say, “aha, I will now turn on application Foo, with styles specified in my .fvwm2rc file, and make it visible on machine B’s display”


Machine A ---- startFoo----> Machine B

Machine B then starts application Foo via FVWM (meaning fvwm now controls application foo, and can apply FVWMEvents to it, styles, etc).

I apologize if my question wasn’t clear before, but this is what I am really trying to do.

Any thoughts?

  • Skender

Let me make things a bit clearer, it’s actually very simple: the window manager of the pc the window is displayed on controls it’s behaviour.

MachineWithoutFvwm -> startFoo -> MachineWithFvwm

In this scenario Fvwm will control the window as it controls the display the application is shown on, but if things go the other way around then the unnamed window manager will control the window.

I hope that clarified things a bit…


Yes, that does clarify things. Thank you for being patient with my lack of understanding.

So, just so I don’t look stupid anymore:

A communication in the form of:

Will send a command to the target machine saying, “start application named Foo”

The MachineWithFvwm will then start up the application and display it using it’s local DISPLAY environment variable as the target for the display, so if DISPLAY is set to :0.0, then the application will be visible on the monitor attached to the machineWithFvwm, correct? Application Foo will NOT be displayed on the display associated with MachineWithoutFvwm, correct?

I know I am lame, but thanks for the help.

  • Skender

That’s about the long and short if it, yes.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks to Thomas Adam and the Black Dragon.

You saved me alot of confusion.

  • Skender