Fvwm automatically creates $FVWM_HOME on every Restart [Solv

I was wondering if anyone knew why Fvwm creates the FVWM_HOME directory automatically, even if there isn’t any writing to FVWM_HOME, only mere Restart. I edited the source for it to not do it, but then I thought that maybe it is for something that I do not know.

Don’t go changing that. It’s done deliberately since FVWM expects it to be there, and will create it if it doesn’t exist, just like most applications will put all sorts of dot files in your $HOME without you generally realising it.

– Thomas Adam

Yeah, I know Fvwm expects it to be there (since there is a check for it right after creating it in fvwm.c :wink: ), but I don’t know why. The reason I would like it to not make it, is that I’d like to use ~/.fvwm2rc, and I’m not using any other files, nor writing into $FVWM_HOME (even though I realize that file might be obsolete in the future [~/.fvwm2rc that is])

Because ancillary things like FvwmConsole often put stray FIFOs there, and the session management stuff will also put .fs* files there, etc.

I’ve had conversations with you in the past regarding the use of ~/.fvwm2rc versus ~/.fvwm/config and all the other files it checks for. Having a blank ~/.fvwm directory with nothing in it, and just ~/.fvwm2rc will be enough to keep FVWM happy.

– Thomas Adam

Ah, this was exactly the information I was after, thanks!

There will be one extra tab-press when going to edit the file if there’s a ~/.fvwm :wink: