Fvwm-collections framework

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I’m placing this here for the time-being, to see what becomes of it. If it produces something interesting, I might move it again.

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I guess I’ve just been bitten by the FVWM bug :smiley:

Seriously, this is important software, and seriously underrated by the commercial boys. FVWM is the meta-software package that windowing systems have been looking for ever since their inception. A bit like the bourne shell was to command line programs. This is the point that taviso was making when he, (satirically), proposed a shell with no pipes and no wildcards.

We’re not just talking about an anvironment to support windowed programs. MS and Apple to that, with Gnome and KDE running to keep up. I think if IBM understood the potential of FVWM they’d be pushing it as hard as linux itself. The possibilities for corporate installations are endless.

OK- the idea is a bit new, and I want to work on it a bit before I try and justify any of that. but what I do want to do is build a collections of desktops that really illustrate the power of FVWM. Which is to say I want different interfaces rather than eye-candy. Taviso’s config brought a lot of people into FVWM lately, but most of them are just adopting Taviso’s interface rather than uwsing FVWM to it’s full power. I’d like to build a resource where we could say to people: Look! This is the variety of environments that this software can handle! This is the power of this package, and it operates at the desktop level! You have full control of the interface, and it’s really easy to do!

So that was the idea that was bubbling under when I started thinking “Big Pager”. I wanted something OTT. Something different. Even something useless. The fact that it turns out not to be useless is a bonus.

This is why I want to develop a mouse-stroke only desktop, for instance. I want to develop as many wildly different desktops as possible. Even the impracal ones. It’s like brainstorming - even bad ideas can lead to good ones.

OK - I’ll stop ranting. But I’d like to encourage my fellow FVWMers: Think big. Think lateral. We haven’t begun to explore the possibilities here!

Interesting. I’m always wondering…there has to be a better way to handle multiple applications than the interfaces we use…what is it? Have you collected much? Got a web page of themes/rc-files that have all the diverse methods you were looking for? I have nothing to contribute ATM, but your idea has value. Just wanted to find out if you abandoned it or had success.

If you want such impractical, odd config, mine is done for a one button mouse, and no title to windows (everything is done using window handle and border). The only goodie I have added is the possibility to change the colors of the border and background via a menu (thank to norfenstein).

If you (or any other) find this of interest, I can post it (config has 132 lines).

Speaking of unique, innovative uses of FVWM, see this thread: