Fvwm Commander

I dont know if it’s still available anywhere, but years ago there used to be an applet for the gnome 1.4.x panel called ‘Mini Commander’, it was pretty useful, basically a command line that embedded in the panel with completion, macros, etc. There’s a screenshot of it here: http://www.maruhn.com/mini-commander/screenshots.html

I couldnt find a suitable replacement for swallowing into an FvwmButtons, some people use a mini terminal, but that wasnt exactly what I wanted…so I quickly hacked the gmrun utility to make a ‘gmcommander’.

just download gmrun from here, and apply this patch.

Now you can swallow commander into your FvwmButtons.

I used this on my tiny toshiba libretto which doesnt have a very usable mouse or much screen real-estate to make accessing programs easier:

here are some more screenshots:

one two three four

Here is my ~/.gmcommanderrc

Terminal = rxvt
TermExec = ${Terminal} -e
AlwaysInTerm = lynx lftp less
History = 256
TabTimeout = 0
URL_http = opera -backgroundpage %u
URL_file = xftree %s
EXT:png,gif,jpg,jpeg,bmp = xv %s
EXT:pdf = acroread %s

You can setup gmrun to accept commands such as man:FvwmButtons and get the man page up, i’m really pleased with it.

Enter runs the command or macro
Ctrl-Enter runs the command in a terminal
Escape clears the input
Tab starts completion
Up/Down cycles through history

I hope someone else finds this useful.

Interesting. I am used to using ‘Launcher’ – a TCL/Tk script, from which the program ‘tkrun’ is from. That too, does more or less what your gmwhateveryoucalled it does. :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam

the link for gmrun didn’t work for me, seems you cant’ link directly to sourceforge files. just search it in google :slight_smile:

looks like something I was having in mind but didn’t know how to implement it. going to try that tomorow :slight_smile:


ok, tried it. seems to work fine, although I can’t use ‘commander’. is that why it is quoted?
using ‘gmrun’ it works fine.

and it does exactly what I was looking for, even more :slight_smile:


I was tinkering with the same problem/solution, thx very much for saving me some work. Works perfect for me and will be included in my next config :slight_smile:

How hard would it be, to show some text like “enter command here” whenever there’s no interaction with gmrun/gcommander and not showing the “unique, not unique, handler…, etc.”?