Fvwm configs archive

I am setting up one Fvwm Extensions (configs archive) site that collects users’ extensions and configs. The former are individual functions, decors, modules, etc., and the latter is the complete config files.

In my two years of creating the myExt extensions, there are interesting samples from many users. Unfortunately, they are spread everywhere. A lot of time is spent finding a sample for a particular module or function. Or to know what is available without re-inventing things.

From my side, I have 58 extensions and searching for more. If anyone on this forum has interesting configs, please post the link here or send me a PM.

My aim, when the site is ready (still under construction), is to propose it become under the Fvwm domain. Keep it with the MediaWiki platform which allows the end-users easily to contribute.

Note: Refresh the site to show the latest update.