Fvwm could not be found from Manjaro official repository anymore

Hi guys,
I’ve been using manjaro + fvwm for the few years,
As a classic window manager, fvwm is very efficient, stable and reliable, thanks for developers and maintainers!

Last week, I upgraded the kernel of manjaro from 5.10 to 5.15.
The first problem was that fvwm could not be found from manjaro official repository. . .
It’s hard to believe that manjaro 5.15 removed fvwm from the support list…
I had to manually download source code of fvwm2.6 and compile,install it on manjaro.
fvwm2.6 frequently “crash”, uninstalled fvwm2.6, download the newest version of fvwm: fvwm3 and installed.

it was good at first, but in the next few days, fvwm3 began to randomly “crash”,
although the mouse and keyboard still responded when it “crashed”, but no matter what operations are performed, the screen always freezes… I have to frequently switch to the command line (ctrl + alt + 2) to kill fvwm3 and restart the Xwindow manager.
At that time, I realized why manjaro removed fvwm from the official repository.
are there some compatibility issues between fvwm and the kernel 5.15? What happened?
Will fvwm return to manjaro repository in the future? any tips to make fvwm stable on manjaro 5.15?

First, this isn’t the place to ask what manjaro will do. Fvwm has no control over distros and what packages they choose to package or not. You will have use manjaro’s support to ask them about any fvwm package.

As for why fvwm is crashing, I’m unsure what the issue could be based on the information you have given. In general fvwm is fairly solid. Also fvwm really isn’t tied to the kernel, so the kernel version shouldn’t be an issue for fvwm. Fvwm runs on top of xorg, and doesn’t access the kernel directory. Fwiw, fvwm3 runs fine here on the 5.18 kernel.

In order to figure out the problem you should start debugging the crash. I would start by first using the default-config and not your own custom one (make sure it isn’t something in your config causing the issue), and I would also think about what software you are running, maybe the software is crashing and not fvwm3. That being said without more info, it will be hard to state what the issue is.

Last do you get crashes in other window managers? Could it be some library, xorg, or even bad hardware causing the crashes?