fvwm crashes after rotations (xrandr)

I have a dual head setup both widescreens one of them is rotated 90 degrees so that it is vertical. When I rotate the screen with xrandr -o right it works fine but when i restart fvwm it crashes X. I have Option "RandRRotation" "true" im my xorg.conf and when i add Option “Rotate” “Right” it works fine but i cant run xrandr anymore it just segfaults so I cant change it back to normal when needed.

I would like to use xrandr to rotate the screens dynamicly so i can rotate the monitor depending on what i am doing at the time. Xorg.0.log listed no errors and the info printed from startx showed only one errer
“[fvwm.0][SetupICCCM2]: <> another ICCCM 2.0 compliant WM is running, try -replace”
which doesnt make much sence to me, any ideas?

So check ~/.xsession-errors?

I suspect this more an Xorg issue.

– Thomas Adam

I don’t use a session manager. I just use startx after loging in

Did I mention a session manager? No. It’s a file which most X servers will create when you login via startx for sure. If you’re paranoid:

startx > ~/.xsession-errors 2>&1

But thanks for bothering to check first, rather than just dismissing the suggestion on a misconception. :neutral_face:

Hmm, my motivation for helping you has suddenly stopped.

– Thomas Adam

I did check first and it doesnt exist. I though that startx is just a script that setups up X according to the $HOME/.xinitrc and that a session manager uses different scripts /etc/X11/Xsession which reads $HOME/.xsession if it exits. sorry for the misunderstading.

It is, but that’s not what I am asking for. I am wanting to know what errors there are, the command I gave you will do that. Just run it.

– Thomas Adam


just wanted to report, that rotating the screen also doesn’t work for me.

fvwm2-2.5.26(latest in portage and latest official release), xorg-server-1.5.2, intel-driver-2.5.0, (lib)xrandr-1.2.3

When I try to rotate it to the left via xrandr -d :0.0 -o left the screen goes blank - i.e. black screen, but the display is still powered on. Resetting the direction blindly via xrandr -d :0.0 -o normal also doesn’t work.

There is no output on console and also nothing if I issue the command @thomasadam posted above. The rotation works under other WMs, tested successfully with dwm(5.2) and awesome(3.0).

FVWM isn’t xrandr aware — you need to also restart FVWM after having applied a rotation. Hence:

DestroyFunc RotateAndRestart
AddToFunc   RotateAndRestart
+ I PipeRead `exec xrandr .... && echo Restart`

That still might not fix anything, but this isn’t FVWM’s problem either.

– Thomas Adam