FVWM crashes with Audacity/Tenacity

I use Audacity to edit audio tracks. For some reason FVWM crashes when applying the “Repair” effect. I think the problem is “RootTransparent”.

Colorset 3 fg $[infostore.mTitlebarFontColor], bg $[infostore.mColorStyle], RootTransparent, Tint $[infostore.mColorStyle] $[infostore.mTintStyle]
Style * Colorset 3
Style * HilightColorset 3
+ TitleStyle Colorset 3 – Flat
+ BorderStyle Colorset 3 – Flat HiddenHandles NoInset

Without it fvwm doesn’t crash (yet):

Colorset 3 fg $[infostore.mTitlebarFontColor], bg $[infostore.mColorStyle]

fvwm3 1.0.5 (1.0.4-120-g42d9198c-dirty)
with support for: XPM, PNG, SVG, Shape, XShm, SM, XRandR, XRender, XCursor, XFT, NLS

I don’t see anything in the log (fvwm3 -v).