FVWM-Crystal and Gnome...

I just installed Debian (partially because I wanted an easy way to get the stuff for FVWM-Crystal :slight_smile: ) and I saw on the FVWM-Crystal website that there was a member named NEMO that gave them a screenshot with the GNOME menu on it. I was wondering how you would do this. I would really like it, seeing as only a handful of programs that are detected are actually available outside of the terminal. Thanks to anyone who helps! :mrgreen:

With the version of FVWM-Crystal that is about to be released (very soon today I would have thought) you can tell it to run under GNOME’s session manager, if that’s what you mean? That would allow you for some GNOME menus.

– Thomas Adam

I have already got 3.0.5, but I never got anything that tells me to run it under GNOME… would you know how to get it to do this? Also, i would like to keep the FVWM-Crystal desktop and not use GNOME for my desktop.