[fvwm-crystal] key bindings

fvwm-crystal do have a lot of key and mouse bindings. They are in ${FVWM_SYSTEMDIR}/components/bindings. The files here with Vertical in their name are obsoletes, because I unified the desktop geometry into an horizontal geometry when I made the number of pages preference. Some other (with Dvorak in their names) are not in use because it is no preferences settings for these keyboard and crystal use by default the bindings for a regular layout.

Fvwm-crystal use the keyboard defined into the X11 configuration, I don’t want to mess with this because it will make things utterly complicated and I don’t want than crystal mess with the system.

The main issue with that is than some key bindings can and will be unusable with some keyboard layouts. It is so many of them out there, than the best solution is to provide a key binding editor.

Another concern is than I have no idea if, in addition to that key binding editor, a preference setting to choose between a Dvorak and a regular keyboard layout should be useful.

I am also not sure about the key binding editor layout. I see at least 2 solutions:

  1. Single layout with a single list of all keybindings sorted into key bindings order. It have my preference because it is simpler to implement and for the user, it make very easy to find doubloons.

  2. Layout with separated lists of key bindings grouped by categories (window placement, audio controls, …).

What do you think about all this?