FVWM[crystal] mania

Hi. I’ve come here because i wanted to know if anyone else has went on a FVWM bender when starting to use it.

I’m obsessed with customization which is why I initially went for KDE plasma as my main desktop because of its user-friendliness and generous style settings. I love it mostly, but sometimes I get fed up with long start times, panels can be annoying with padding, can be buggy etc… which is why I’ve started tinkering with Fvwm (specifically Crystal, which is a nice fail-safe and very pretty) and now I can’t stop. I’ve stayed up til near sunrise for the past few days straight (speak of the devil, there’s the sun now…) just playing with the config file. You get such a ridiculous amount of control, and it’s so fast compared to a full desktop environment like kde.

I’m very new to this type of computing–just started using Kubuntu last summer after graduating college–so I’m sure these things seem matter-of-fact to other forum users but every time I discover something new like this it takes over my life for a good chunk of time.

I’ve been fighting proprietary operating systems my whole life for control over the look and feel of the machine, so I can’t even describe how it feels to use Fvwm. It really feels like the computer is a tool instead of a product… what a concept. I wonder if anyone else gets(or got in the past) this sublime feeling from editing a config file (LOL) I should sleep now…

Welcome on board and to Fvwm.

There are no limits to what can be done to make Fvwm as per your needs and liking. Two years ago, I took one step further. Instead of setting everything into one config file, each function, style, decor, and module run on its own config. Got this idea from Gnome Extensions which provides plugins of any type. Easy to install / uninstall them, to position them, and are in the right place and do what we really want.

You are free to use and modify them. There are currently +40 extensions. They are on Github. Click here..