FVWM-Crystal Releases

Fvamw-crystal-3.6.6 is out !

This is a bug fix and new features release:

  • Fix libreofficce icons styles.

  • New addons/Xdefaults.no_transparency and Xresources.no_transparency files;
    they add support for non transparent terminals.

  • Fix the size of the desktop manager (Icons on dekstop).
    The widget was too big verticaly, which could be an issue when configured to display a lot of icons.

  • Add complete EWMH support for the size and the placement of the desktop manager.
    This fix collision with the magic button bar of the Custom recipe.
    I never constated such collision, but it was possible in theory.

    Anyway, this should be fixed now and this support, plus the geometry fix, make the visual to lock better.