FVWM CVS (2007-11-17): New Style commands.

New styles SnapGrid, SnapAttraction, Edge{Move,Resize}Delay, EdgeMoveResistance.

The new styles replace most of the functionality of the commands
EdgeResistance, SnapGrid and SnapAttraction:

“SnapGrid” becomes “Style * SnapGrid”
“SnapAttraction” becomes “Style * SnapAttraction”

The EdgeResistance command has now only one parameter (for scrolling the
screen); moving and resizing are controlled by Edge{Move,Resize}Delay (-1 =
off) and EdgeMoveResistance (which is used instead of the last two parameters
of EdgeResistance).


EdgeResistance delay moving xinerama-moving


EdgeResistance delay
Style * EdgeMoveDelay delay
Style * EdgeMoveResistance moving xinerama-moving

Resizing over the screen’s edge is now disabled by default and can
be switched on with

Style * EdgeResizeDelay <delay> (delay >= 0, -1 means off).

– Thomas Adam