FVWM does not start

I’ve installed FVWM on Gentoo. When I add “exec fvwm” or “exec fvwm2” to my .xinitrc, nothing happens. Literally, nothing happens. When I try to run fvwm from a command line, without a display manager, I get an “unable to open display” error. No errors appear in any logs.

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So check your ~/.xsession-errors log

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– Thomas Adam

It is 3 desktops profiles in gentoo: desktop, desktop-gnome and desktop-kde. The problem is those 3 desktop profiles have USE=“consolekit policykit”. This will install policy-kit and console-kit even when you don’t need them. So, don’t blame fvwm but polkit, and also the gentoo devs for not providing a desktop profile that doesn’t depend on polkit.

In order to get fvwm to work (as well than all the other *kit free windows managers), you must have something like

exec ck-launch-session /usr/bin/fvwm

in .xinitrc, or Xorg will bail at startup due to polkit.

The alternative is to made “exec fvwm” to work. This consist to remove *kit. This can be easily done by choosing the desktop profile and adding those global USE flags in /etc/make.conf:

USE="-consolekit -policykit -udisks -upower"

Do a world update as usual. emerge will warn you about some needed USE flag changes, make them, and about some blocking software, remove them. You will be able to install most of them back later.

After the world update, the result will be an *kit free system. It will also be pulseaudio and gnome free. Yes, this will remove the whole of gnome :laughing:

For auto-mounting of pluggable devices, use something like uam and pmount (pmount-gui is fine too). For audio, I never understood the need for pulseaudio, when we have jack-audio-connection-kit and can interconnect it with ALSA, thanks to the snd-aloop module, this with a constant sound latency.