fvwm for Zipslack


I have Zipslack, with linux kernel 2.2.16 and I want to know which fvwm will be most compatible and simple to install for my system. I tried to install fvwm from
slackware.cs.utah.edu/pub/slackw … akware/x1/
and I surrendered when I saw “Segmentation fault” after installation and running :frowning: .

sorry for my English, thanks for any reply
have a nice day

Why such an old system with such an old kernel and old version of FVWM? No wonder nothing works.

If you’re feeling adventurous you could always obtain the corefile and get a backtrace from it.

– Thomas Adam

Well, the main purpouse of using that system is fact, that my computer on which I installed it, hasn’t got any CD-ROM and installation of Zipslack was very simple :wink:

I’ll see what can be done with it.

have a nice day

Bin it, and start with something which doesn’t have a thick layer of dust on it.

– Thomas Adam