FVWM Keypad Settings not working

The keypad settings to navigate between different pager virtual windows stopped working for me. Does anyone know how to resolve or to debug the cause of the issue?

Currently, I am using fvwm2 window manger on a linux RedHat 7.1 platform.

Here is what I have in my .fvwm2rc file:
#Make the keypad keys move to the specific page
Key KP_7 A N GotoPage 0 0
Key KP_8 A N GotoPage 1 0
Key KP_9 A N GotoPage 2 0
Key KP_4 A N GotoPage 0 1
Key KP_5 A N GotoPage 1 1
Key KP_6 A N GotoPage 2 1
Key KP_1 A N GotoPage 0 2
Key KP_2 A N GotoPage 1 2
Key KP_3 A N GotoPage 2 2

#keypad 0 and keypad Alt-0 for Max and Max-vert… keypad Ctrl-0 for Max-Horz
Key KP_0 A C Maximize 100 0
Key KP_0 A M Maximize 0 100
Key KP_0 A N Maximize

Have you set: IgnoreModifiers L25 in your config? If not, try that.

Thank you thomasadam. I was able to trace the fail to the Open Text Exceed on Demand tool. There was a bug passing keyboard command within this tool. I was able to fix the problem by pointing to a new version of the tool.

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