It has been suggested to have a simpler and more elegant set of configs. Similar to FVWM-Crystal’s aim in creating an easy-to-use, elegant, but also powerful desk environment.

Instead of a single lengthy config, Fvwm-KISe (keep-it-simple + silent “e” for elegant) is using the myExt model of individual small configs categorized as per the Fvwm’s default config. Easy to use, manage and add/create your own.

1: Functions
2: Styles
3: Colorsets
4: Menus
5: Bindings
6: Decor
7: Modules

Still working on the base. Suggestions, wallpapers, etc. are welcome to post.

LATEST UPDATE (1.1.2) with Office Desk


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CuteWallpaper.org has free 3D images.


Fvwm, is there wallpaper style options, centered, tiled and stretched?

Wallpaper options replace fvwm3-root with feh.
feh --bg-scale /path/to/image.file

--bg-tile FILE
--bg-center FILE
--bg-max FILE
--bg-fill FILE

Got stuck with wallpaper SetBG function using Picom compositor. The change requires to Restart. If you have same annoyingness, add this line in StartFunction and SetBG function.
+ I Exec exec fvwm3-root -r ~/.fvwm/.BGdefault

DestroyFunc StartFunction
AddToFunc   StartFunction
+ I Test (Init, f $[FVWM_USERDIR]/.BGdefault) \
    Exec exec fvwm3-root $[FVWM_USERDIR]/.BGdefault
+ I Exec exec fvwm3-root -r ~/.fvwm/.BGdefault
DestroyFunc SetBG
AddToFunc   SetBG
+ I Test (f $[FVWM_USERDIR]/images/background/$0) \
    Exec exec fvwm3-root $[FVWM_USERDIR]/images/background/$0
+ I Exec exec fvwm3-root -r ~/.fvwm/.BGdefault

Almost gave up, thanks, it works.

This is interesting, FvwmCrystal makes use of semi-transparency.

Almost everything on the default desktop is semi-transparent. By additionally installing a utility program such as transset-df the semi-transparency can be switched on or off via pressing a determined key of the keyboard, being chosen in accordance with user’s demands.

Sounds familiar.

All configuration is divided into small files in a simple directory structure. Special functions for loading configuration files.

Tomorrow having time, I will install and play around,

Also add one icon launcher with transparent icon panel. Remove color setting and add Pixmap none.

Module FvwmButtons SimpleButton
DestroyModuleConfig SimpleButton: *
*SimpleButton: Geometry 350x40-530+3
# # *SimpleButton: Colorset 10 ## (Remove)
*SimpleButton: PressColorset 4
*SimpleButton: Pixmap none ## (Transparent)
*SimpleButton: Frame 0
*SimpleButton: Rows 1



That is looking good!

Great!! With shadow is also nice, though a bit dark but can be avoided in Picom’s shadow-exclude option.

Try shadow-opacity = 0.32

Found in Fvwm Wiki an old-school function Desk Launcher, it is good. Also, Iconifying all windows except one. With thumbnail iconify, this is a must to have. Don’t forget Style FvwmButtons !Iconifiable otherwise everything iconified. :wink:

DestroyFunc Launcher
AddToFunc Launcher
+ I DestroyModuleConfig $0Launch: *
+ I *$0Launch: Geometry 80x80
+ I *$0Launch: Columns 1
+ I *$0Launch: Rows    4
+ I *$0Launch: Frame   0
### + I *$0Launch: (1x3+0+0, Icon $1, Action (Mouse 1) `Exec exec $2`)
+ I *$0Launch: (1x3+0+0, Icon $1, Action (Mouse 1) `$2`)
+ I *$0Launch: Pixmap none
+ I *$0Launch: (1x1+0+3, Font 9x15, Fore White, Back #2b4e5e, \
                Title $0, Action (Mouse 1) `Exec exec $2`)
+ I Style $0Launch HandleWidth 0, NoTitle
+ I Module FvwmButtons $3 $0Launch
+ I UpdateStyles
# Launcer icons at +90 distance
Launcher Search $[dLicons]/search.png "Exec exec xfce4-appfinder" "-g +15-25"
Launcher Iconify $[dLicons]/iconifyBk.png "All (CurrentPage, !Iconic, !Focused) Thumbnail" "-g +105-25"
Launcher Tile $[dLicons]/tile.png "Read $[CORE_DIR]/MODULES/ControlPanelB/wTile.sys" "-g +195-25"


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Definitely!!! This functions not seen in other Desktops. How do you make it Sticky and StaysOnTop, does not have button name for Style.

Style *Launch* WindowListSkip, Sticky, StaysOnTop, NeverFocus
Style *Launch* NoTitle

@amlug, thanks for the zip file. The icons look great.

Here is the first look at Fvwm-KISe in action (without wallpaper, still searching for a nice one).


This shows Picom’s customized configuration options for each part on the desk. Its great. And thank you for the feedback… getting soon ready. Still simplifying the scripts and making them easier to read. Menu and wallpaper needs some thoughts.



Now, this is what I was speaking about, a simple and functional startup. The wallpaper could be just one color with bent edges either inward or outward. Waiting for the download to test.

@rasat, I improved the pager and right-panel to have same codes as default RightPanel but in two parts. I like having a larger pager. And hide modules *FvwmPager: UseSkipList. Replaced ControlPanel with mini panel, also new icons. Check your email, attached zip file.


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Thanks, looks really nice as a starting base.


Interestingly by having two separate parts, pager and task panel (FvwmIconMan) it works also well in Fvwm2 but not as one config. Stopped working after Fvwm3 1.0.3. A year ago, I suggested RightPanel in two parts. Easier to customize, maintain and improve it.

It is ready for testing. It became a real KIS, manually easy to customize and maintain. Finding configs in assigned folders as per Fvwm structure sequence. In the .fvwm root only 4 folders and 2 files. In /core, config folders (see below screenshot). Also, a small thumbnail of each 27 configs (functions, styles, colorsets, menus, bindings, decor, and modules) that are available, and readme.txt, how to manually add and remove them. All are original Fvwm scripts and many are copied from Fvwm Wiki and modified into an efficient and elegant system.

It became the base for my daily computer desk. Has the capacity to become the front-end of Fvwm4 in the near future. :sunny:

Uploading it tomorrow as a zip file. After testing, later on in GitHub.


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Four tile bar buttons, that’s cool. Will see it tomorrow.

Download Fvwm-KISe-v1.0.1.zip and extract it in ./fvwm. Doesn’t have an opening wallpaper. Do right-click and select one.

Click and Download here.

Help screenshot:


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