FVWM Launch Window at Mouse Cursor?

When launching a new application or terminal or xterm or anything from a menu; it launches top right as it would if there was not even a WM running.

Is there a way (and I think I remember this from way back when I used FVWM in the 90s) to make the window outline be attached to the mouse curser until I can move it and place it somewhere?

Or if that function is a figment of my imagination; is there a way to make the window open at wherever the mouse cursor is?

I know I can choose a specific coordinate where it opens; but that is kind of worthless too for what I need.


Hi @nero

You’re looking for the ManualPlacement style option.


That’s an interesting style.
Style * ManualPlacement


Can it be activated just for one time? Press a key and application opens with ManualPlacement.

Activate for a short time.

Style * ManualPlacement
Schedule 10000 Style * TileCascadePlacement

Or better would be an “on and off” function.


This is utterly incorrect. This is very error prone and works on side-effects of race conditions.

I’ll reply properly later with a better solution.