FVWM live CDs?

Are there any live CDs out there that use FVWM? They all seem to prefer DEs or Fluxbox or the like. I’d like to have my standard WM setup on a live CD, but I haven’t got time to learn how to build my own LiveCD just yet :slight_smile:

There is this thread about symphony http://fvwm.lair.be/viewtopic.php?t=384, which uses fvwm. However, it is still alpha version.

It has long since been my tradition in hacking something like Knoppix – stripping out all of the unwanted parts in the .iso, and shovelling fvwm in there as the sole WM with my config. It would be an interesting project to do – if you were serious, I’d help. But before that myself and Nick will need to get the new proposed FVWM config on the way. But that might not be for a while yet – understandably so given Nick’s situation.

– Thomas Adam

http://www.goosee.com/ uses fvwm95 as windowmanager. I guess that it shouldn’t be too difficult to change that into a more recent version. It comes with some possebilities to install it on usb, zip, etc…

however, ist’s just 60MB, so don’t expect too much of it :confused: