fvwm-menu-desktop issue(?)


I am trying to generate a menu file with the gnome menus for OpenBSD. My version is 2.6.5p3.

When I try fvwm-menu-desktop, it doesn’t produce any output and fails to recognize may of the options.

I have py-xdg and p5-XML-Parser installed. Is there anything more I need to use it?

This OpenBSD install is running under bhyve.


Per Gunnarsson

The version you have most likely has an outdated of the fvwm-menu-desktop python script.

The script from 2.6.7 has lots of updates that may work for you. In the end it is just a script so you could just download the script and not the full fvwm package. Last the script in master on github.com/fvwmrog/fvwm has been updated to support python3 and no longer support python2. If upgrading your fvwm version is not needed, you may find an upgraded version of that script will help out with this. Either choose the version from 2.6.7 for python2 or the version from master for python3.


But not to update it would mean to run into more similar problems later, no?