fvwm-menu-directory question

I want to use this function. Is it possible to show only directories in menu ?

You could try the example from the manpage with small adaption (without engagement because not tested - no linux machine at work :wink: )]# Build a menu of all directories in


AddToMenu DirMenu foo title

  • DynamicPopupAction Function MakeDirMenu

AddToFunc MakeDirMenu

  • I DestroyMenu recreate DirMenu
  • I AddToMenu DirMenu Directories Title
  • I PipeRead ‘for i in ls -d $HOME/Pictures/*/;
    do echo AddToMenu DirMenu “$i” Exec pcmanfm $i; done’[/code]
    about listing directories in shell/bash I’ve found this site. Probably you need additionally a -1 in the ls call. Or try another example from that site ^^

– Thomas –