FVWM menubar color?

When running FVWM, as well as changing a theme, the menubar is blue-black (#2f343f) with grey text. On Thunar, Firefox, Thunderbird, Evolution, and other major apps, this colorset makes it difficult to read and desktop dark. The default colorsets file does not have an effect. Is there a system file to change?

Default FVWM screenshoot (click)

Hi @rasat

I think you’re referring to changing the GTK/QT themes…

The screenshot is from MX Linux. Did a test with a few other distros, the menubar color is standard light grey. I will have to check with Xfce that uses same /home folder or something else is there with MX.

Hi @rasat

Yes – the screenshot is showing the applications rendering their GUI components, which FVWM has no control over. You should definitely look at how best to change the GTK/QT themes on your Linux distro.


Thanks. Can this GTK/QT theme change be done in .fvwm/config ?

Hi @rasat

No, it cannot.

I am not familiar with MX default Xfce but using Gnome. I checked the look on Xfce, the menubar looks fine with light grey. It seems FVWM reads the GTK/QT theme differently. Using Xfce border color (blue-black #2f343f) as menubar.

MX Xfce screenshoot (click)

I will also check on another distro that has Xfce as the default desktop if there is a difference.

In FVWM, is there a system file to change?

Did a run on Xubuntu, the menubar is light-grey.

In MX, it was a simple solution but difficult to find. :slight_smile:
Edit ~home/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini … present content:

gtk-font-name=Sans 11
gtk-cursor …