Fvwm on PPC

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I haven’t tested other versions yet, I figured I’d ask here on the forums first, but is anyone else running fvwm 2.5.12 on a ppc?

I have an iBook 1Ghz laptop on which I’m running gentoo with Fvwm as my window manager. It runs great except for one small glitch which I’ve determined only happens when I use IconTitleColorset or HilightIconTitleColorset. Regardless of whether I use thumbnails for icons or just existing images. When a program is iconified, the icon shows up somewhere near the middle of the screen (vertically) and the text under the icon shows up along the bottom border of the screen, leaving a rather large gap between the icon and text.

I only discovered the exact symptoms last night and I’m at work now, so I can’t test anything, but has anyone else noticed this problem?

Relevent config sections:

Colorset 2 Transparent, IconAlpha 50, fgAlpha 50

Style * DecorateTransient, IconBox 1280x960-0-0, IconGrid 3 3, IconFill left bottom, ForeColor #313431, IconTitleRelief 0, IconBackgroundRe
lief -1, IconTitleColorset 2, HilightIconTitleColorset 2, NoHandles, BorderWidth 1 -- flat

Removing IconTItleColorset and HilightIconTitleColorset from the config displays correctly but I’d like to be able to apply the colorset so that the interface is consistent with my x86 desktop.

Edit: Well, now I’m able to recreate the problem with the icon colorset stuff in there. I’ve split the style line up into multiple lines and so far it hasn’t happened again. I have no idea what’s wrong or what’s broken. If it happens again I’ll try to get a scaled down config that recreates the problem and then I’ll post it to the mailing list or something…

I’m still curious to know if anyone else has had this problem or other problems on ppc.

I’ve only now noticed this thread. I have mac os x running, and fvwm behaves weird with that, too. Have you tried the stable version?
I’m going to give a try for that.

are there any known problems with running fv on ppc? I’m currently working on getting fv up on my x86 workstation, though I plan to get it setup on my g3 ibook too. both are running gentoo of course :laughing:

should I consider trying the 2.4 branch? what would I be missing out on if I went with the stable branch?

Questions like this have popped up from time-to-time, in various places. I can’t quite see in this case though how your problem is PPC-specific, given that it isn’t anything directly to do with hardware, which is what I would usually have associated with such a problem. Nevertheless, it does exist. I can’t reproduce it on my Intel PC, at any rate.

I doubt that is going to help you much. In-built colorset support in 2.4 isn’t there, for a start. Stick with 2.5.X, and post your question to the fvwm-workers mailing-list, please.

– Thomas Adam

sorry there for the confusion…I haven’t tried fvwm on my ibook yet…I was just looking ahead into the future, and wondering if there were any known problems with fv on ppc.

it’s always nice to ask first, as there sometimes funky issues between architectures

sounds like it’ll be fine. hehe

i have a g3 500mhz 196mgz ram ibook and have had fvwm verison 2.5.12 on it for almost a year. it runs just as good on this as it does on my amd 2800+ desktop machine. Actually i found that most software seems to run more stable on my ibook than on my desktop.




My initial edit was wrong. Splitting the style line up into multiple style entries only appeared to work because it was only the last or maybe the first style line encountered that was being applied.

The issue I refer to at the start of this thread is no longer plagueing me since I’ve removed the ‘IconBackgroundRelief -1’ from my style command.

According to the man page it should accept a value between -50 and 50. I’ll tinker some more with my config tonight when I get home, and maybe post an image of what happens when the option is in there.

VoiDeR, could you try adding IconBackgroundRelief -1 to your ‘Style *’ of your config? Then try iconifying windows and see if you witness the same behavior?

Heres what iget when i add that.
As you can see my mozilla icon is now enourmous.


Hah! So I’m NOT insane! At least not because of that…

So I take it that the icon also shouldn’t be in the center of the screen?