fvwm.org down?


I can’t connect to fvwm.org or fvwm.math.uh.edu for a few days now.

Anybody know what’s wrong?
Or is it just our network that’s locked out or something?


Works fine here…

Hmmm, that’s not funny.
Well, maybe it’s a problem with my router, there seems to be a problem with one of its networkcards (switching to half-duplex instead of full duplex). This started on august 24th, which is somewhere around the time that I couldn’t access fvwm.org anymore.
However, It’s strange that I can access everything else (afaik) but not the fvwm-site.
I would be supprised that this would be caused by the nic.

oh, well, I’ll have to solve this myself,

thanks for letting me know the site works ok.


edit: thurns out that the university changed some hardware in the network, causing some weird little problems and the IT-people are too lazy to debug it… :open_mouth: guess I’ll have to find a proxy or use an ssh-tunnel via another computer :frowning: