Fvwm related links

I recently started building on my own site and have started to collect useful links to Fvwm related sites containing configs, scripts, window decorations etc.

This section can be found here.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

And if you have some useful links of your own, don’t hesitate to post them here that way we’ll have an Fvwm links collection right here :slight_smile:

woah, hold on there!
use my link thing if you like :slight_smile:


Great site, I just used some kind of CMS which doesn’t use a database as I only have one and don’t want to put stuff together with the forum.

Besides that I have added your site as it contains some pretty neat stuff

(I also use that links section as some kind of portable bookmarks for myself, shame on me :wink: )

Lol, go ahead.
I should really get into finishing the site, but time is too short these days… :frowning:

Know the feeling, so many thing I’d like to do just don’t get done because of lack of time, sucks so much :frowning:

maybe you can add tutorial sites like http://www.zensites.net/fvwm/guide/index.html