FVWM restarts after upgrade to SuSE 15.5

Just upgraded this machine to Leap 15.5 (from 15.0), and am having some FVWM problems. First, when I bring up a popup menu (e.g. RootMenu), sometimes only about half the menu items will be drawn. That menu will stay on the screen (but is not functional), but if part of it is overlaid by another window which is then moved, the overlaid part is replaced with the background. I can bring up the same popup again, and it may work, or be partly drawn. However, sometimes doing so will cause FVWM to crash? and restart.

Second problem is trying to use Conky in FvwmButtons. I had a setup with a conky window and FvwmPager. With the old installation, on boot the conky window would be drawn in the middle of the FvwmButtons window, overlaying part of the pager, but killing conky (with “pkill conky”) would cause it to be redrawn correctly. It also works correctly on another machine running Leap 15.4.

FVWM version is 2.6.9, same on other machine. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I find quite curious that Leap is still sticking to an old version of FVWM. I think the latest FVWM2 version is 2.7. And then… FVWM2 was superseded by FVWM3.

My suggestion would be for you to build FVWM3 and use that instead. See if you have the same issues there. FVWM2 is no longer un active development. It may receive some bug fixing here and there if the problems are serious enough, otherwise is well… dead.

I use FVWM3 on Tumbleweed and I must say I can’t reproduce any of this problems you mention. Is not an ideal replay to your questions, but, if the issues persist on FVWM3, then, at least, you can submit bug reports in GitHub so @thomasadam can take a look.

I didn’t know there was an FVWM3! I’ll give it a try and report back.

I’m not sure whether Leap is sticking to that version, or whether the upgrade process just left whatever I had in place. (The executables are all dated 5/22/23.) Last time I did a full install on a machine, it didn’t even offer FVWM as an option :-(

I took a look at software.opensuse.org. Seems like FVWM2 is no longer in the main repositories. It got moved to the X11:windowmanagers. In short: your package was never updated. You are running an old version build against older libraries. Maybe that’s the reason why is going nuts. Adding the X11:windowmanagers repo and upgrading to the version there (2.7.0) should fix the issue. Still, FVWM3 would be a better option, however FVWM3 is not offered officially by OpenSUSE. There are two community OBS repos. You could go with one of those if you wished or build it yourself.