FVWM Screencasting?

Hello all –

I’m just testing the water at the moment, so feel free to jump in with ideas and suggestions. I was thinking of doing a series of FVWM screencasts perhaps as a series of demonstrations do a specific task and how to integrate various aspects, etc.

What do people think of this? Would it be something useful for people already here to learn from and potential other users? I am happy for anyone to suggest likely topics, since I don’t have any at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue:

– Thomas Adam

I think that this sounds like an excellent idea. I know that the help that I have received on this site has been excellent - but the help that has been visual (either by recreating it myself, or using sample code) has helped the most.

Having some screencasting to leverage as well would only make the process easier.

Not to mention that it would show that FVWM users aren’t prehistoric monsters, as people often seem to think.

Visual demonstrations are always a nice idea, if only to give an idea of the possibilities available, I know how impressed I was with the SLIME movie (Lisp editing mode for Emacs) and how it has motived me to put that extra work in to get it decently set up…