Fvwm script bug???


I use fvwm 2.5.12 in ths debian fashion (I mean I use a debian based distro).

If I run “FvwmScript FvwmScript-BellSetup” from the fvwmconsole, the bell setup starts and 5 xcalc start also!!! Very very very strange!!!

Moreover I don’t use xcalc and it doesn’t appear in my config file!

Do I am the only guy with this???

please let me know if you have any knowledge about this “misbehavior”!

Regards, Brice

can confirm same effect on gentoo. run the script and launch five, count 'em, five xcalc instances. Weird.

From /usr/share/fvwm/FvwmScript-BellSetup:

WarpPointer 2

For $i=3 To 7 Do
Do {Exec xcalc &}
So that explains that mystery. Still no idea what purpose all these calculators are supposed to serve mind.

Really surprising!!!

Ok this isn’t a bug and the initial mystery is left now!

The real mystery right now :open_mouth: is what is the aim of starting 5 xcalc to adjust the bell???

Well, let’s see if someone has the answer!

Regards, Brice