FVWM, the Fenix Virtual Window Manager

I always liked fvwm as something highly configurable in the spirit What You Get Is What You Intended, so after about a decennium of happy use of it, I recently decided to refurbish my configuration (also because I’ve got a new 24" screen most suitable to my presbyopia).

So I spent quite some time re-reading the manuals and playing with Modules, and like the phoenix my .fvwmrc is born again (so yet another explanation for the “F” in FVWM). Having now finished, before going back to real work, I decided (once overcome the registration conundrum) to share some screenshots and config.

At URL sax.iasf-milano.inaf.it/~lucio/W … .html#scre you can found some screenshots and a link to the current config (subject to change without notice, but I guess it could live another quinquennium). If you remove the anchor in the URL, you could instead see more about the history of me and fvwm and my preferences.

Anyhow thanks to the authors for a very nice piece of software !

Thanks for your writeup - nice and detailed :slight_smile: The fvwmpagers in your screenshots look quite good. Nice.

Yes, interesting write-up. Much of it is familiar :slight_smile:

I used a DEC Alpha running OpenOSF (?) at work, with a nice X Terminal (Hummingbird?) and mwm. At the same time I ran Linux with fvwm2 at home. It was at this time that the Unix world was trying to come to terms with Windows dominance and decided they needed a common desktop environment (In general everyone was competing with everyone else which meant that everything was incompatible) But it was too little, too late.

Then KDE came along trying, as far as I could tell, to be bug compatible with the Windows user interface. I thought it was ghastly :slight_smile:

Anyway, my .fvwm2rc file was finely crafted - I’m sure I’ll find it again eventually :slight_smile: and then I’ll upload a screenshot. One problem (imho) with offcial screenshots is that they try to demonstrate all the capabilities of the window manager at once, the reult being a somewhat garish mess (imvho :slight_smile:

Oddly enough, I’m sometimes a hobby astronomer, living a few km away from ESO/Garching :slight_smile:

I’ve just installed ds9, stellarium, wxAstroCapture (not working properly), RegiStax (under Wine) and might look at Iris and iraf etc…