fvwm-transparent "ready-from-the-box"

Here is a simple config that emulates a screenshot on the fvwm-themes website; see fvwm-themes.sourceforge.net/scre … parent.jpg for that screenshot (from Migo).

It is a “ready-from-the-box” config; icons set, wallpapers are included. The wallpapers are set for a 1024x768 resolution; see the README file if your screen resolution is different. You don’t need fvwm-themes to install it; a recent version of fvwm is sufficient (>2.5.9 I think).

To install it, just download the file thevoided.net/harven/harven_fvwm.tar.gz then unzip it: tar -zxvf harven_fvwm.tar.gz
Finally put the folder harven_fvwm in your home directory and rename it to .fvwm (after backing up your own .fvwm file !); it should work without further tuning.

This config is a standalone version of an old mixed theme from fvwm-themes; so the fvwm-themes developpers should be credited for it.
It is pretty basic, yet functional, so I think it can interest fvwm beginners, or people who don’t want to mess with the config files.

Thanks to VoiDeR who hosts the file. :smiley: