FVWM Vertex theme!


Here is my FVWM config, it is possible to use it with FreeBSD and GNU/Linux, to convert it to work with Linux, read below.
It is intended to use with Vertex GTK theme by horst3180 and it uses some of its colors and titlebar buttons images.
Menu icons where taken from Vivacious Colors icon theme.

  1. Install FVWM, if it isn’t installed yet. [code]

pkg ins x11-wm/fvwm2


  1. Fetch and install Vertex GTK theme and its dependencies.

% sudo pkg ins automake autoconf pkgconf gtk-murrine-engine gdk-pixbuf2 git-lite % git clone https://github.com/horst3180/vertex-theme --depth 1 && cd vertex-theme % ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr/local % sudo make install

  1. Install x11-themes/lxappearance, launch it and choose Vertex theme.

  2. Download fvwm.zip archive and extract [color=green].fvwm dir from archive to your home dir ([color=green]~/.fvwm).

  3. Remove old FVWM configuration (like [color=green]~/.fvwm2rc) and launch or restart FVWM.

  4. Enjoy!

You also need to install following applications to have a fully working dock and some functions:

# pkg ins wmcpuload wmsystemtray wmmemload wmsmixer wmMoonClock wmclockmon sbxkb volumeicon dmenu xdg-utils py27-xdg lxmenu-data liberation-fonts-ttf rxvt-unicode

If you’re using new FVWM 2.6.8+ version, you should install [color=green]py36-xdg instead of [color=green]py27-xdg, because new version uses python3.
Also it is good idea to install [color=green]xscreensaver, then you’ll be able to lock the screen using “Options” menu. As a file manager I use [color=green]pcmanfm.

After you launch FVWM using following config, you should generate your XDG menu (applications menu) execute % FvwmCommand FvwmConsole FvwmConsole should appear, enter FvwmPerl -l fvwm-menu-desktop-config.fpl in FvwmConsole and confirm, you’ll see menu generator – i.imgur.com/h22KnwD.png
tick appropriate options, like on screenshot (do not change default “Output path”!), press “Save Menu” (or “Export Menu” if you use FVWM 2.6.8+ ).
Then, when FVWM will be restarted, XDG menu should be available via root menu (right desktop click),
If your locale is configured correctly, this menu should use your native language. Also it is possible to add
your custom [color=green].desktop files to [color=green]~/.local/share/applications, shortcuts from this dir will be also added to menu.
Root menu - XDGMenu, window menu, icon menu, “Options” menu: i.imgur.com/nsleQ0a.png
“Edit …” menu entries from “Options” menu uses [color=purple]$edit environment variable, change it to your favorite editor in [color=green]~/.fvwm/config, also it is possible to change default terminal emulator from urxvt to xterm, edit [color=purple]$terminal vatriable.

Here is some keybindings:
super + q – close
super + w – maximize
super + a – iconify
super + s – raise or lower window
super + space – window menu
super+escape – root menu
super+up/down/left/right – maximize current window to upper half, left half, etc…
Check [color=green]~/.fvwm/config to see full keybindings list.

If you’ll click pager borders with left mouse button, it should minimize all applications, when you’ll click it again,
it will restore all applications, that were minimized before and its position (it is possible to use ctrl+alt+d as well).
If you’ll click pager border with right mouse button, you should be able to see “Options” menu, middle - XDG menu,
mouse wheel should raise/lower dock. Also it is possible to move applications via pager with middle mouse click.

Here is my wallpaper from screenshot, it is from gnome 3.18 wallpaper pack.

To use transparency with some apps (like terminal emulator) and shadows,
x11-wm/compton should be installed. Here is my ~/.config/compton.conf

If you want to use left scrollbar with some GTK2/3 applications, like on screenshot, add the following line (it should be without quotes in both files) gtk-scrolled-window-placement=top-right to [color=green]~/.gtkrc-2.0 and to [color=green]~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini .
To use left scrollbar with www/firefox or www/palemoon, open about:config,
search for “layout.scrollbar.side” and set it to “3”, restart your browser.

Also you need to set initial geometry of embedded drop-down terminal (to show/hide press F1), edit [color=green]~/.fvwm/config:
AddToFunc DropDownTerm
+ I None (drop_down_term, CurrentDesk) Exec exec urxvt -name drop_down_term -geometry 195x35
+ I …

Also it is possible to use this config with GNU/Linux! For example, for Debian based distros, like Devuan, you should install following packages]

apt install wmcpuload wmmemload wmsystemtray wmmoonclock wmclockmon gxkb volti suckless-tools xdg-utils python-xdg lxmenu-data fonts-liberation rxvt-unicode-256color

[/code]Also build from source and install [color=green]wmamixer – https://github.com/gryf/wmamixer, or replace it with another dockapp in config. (if you’re using FVWM 2.6.8+ version, install [color=green]python3-xdg instead of [color=green]python-xdg ), then replace “*FvwmForm-Quit: Command Exec exec /sbin/shutdown -p now” with “*FvwmForm-Quit: Command Exec exec /sbin/shutdown -hP now” in [color=green]~/.fvwm/config and uncomment appropriate “media keys” section [code]

Volume control (media keys) FreeBSD

#Key XF86AudioRaiseVolume A A Exec exec mixer vol +7
#Key XF86AudioLowerVolume A A Exec exec mixer vol -7

Volume control (media keys) Linux

Key XF86AudioRaiseVolume A A Exec exec amixer sset Master 7%+ unmute
Key XF86AudioLowerVolume A A Exec exec amixer sset Master 7%- unmute
[/code]In Linux, you also need to execute [code]

chmod u+s /sbin/shutdown

[/code] to shutdown or reboot via “Quit…” menu.

Please, remove this!

Or at least increase it to something more usable than 300px!
Because, it seems, this forum is not about custom icons, or about some microscopic researches! :smiley:
It is even impossible to add this little image in full size! I had to scale it using gimp, before adding it to “P.S”!

What I’m really missing in FVWM is a possibility to add “padding” to title bar buttons,
for now the absence of this option limits FVWM theming very much, cause all modern
themes and WM-s have distance between buttons.

Added dock – i.imgur.com/YVeKn0L.png

Thank you for sharing your work, ILLUXA! And good idea, I do prefer the buttons on the right. :wink:

Thanks for your comment! I’ve updated config (now it includes wmaker like dock) and “how to” in first post,
my configuration is much more “complete” now, also some new functions present, that weren’t available in my old config.

Also it is possible to see “how to” for my configuration, including few nice screenshots :wink: (it is very sad that 300px image limit still exist on fvwmforums.org),
here, on FreeBSD forums – forums.freebsd.org/threads/fvwm … ost-390111

I liked your screenshot on the freebsd forums ILLUXA. But your icons in the WindowMenu, have they been scavenged from an icon theme somewhere? If so, which one plz? Thanks.

Methinks every titlebar looks naked without a miniicon :smiley:

It is from Vivavicous Dark icon theme from Vivacious Colors icon pack, I already wrote about it:

My mistake! Thank you.

I’ve switched system tray from [color=green]stalonetray to
[color=green]wmsystemtray in config, it is more usable, works
much more stable and it doesn’t require any additional
configuration after installation, to use it with FvwmButtons,
just launch it with “–non-wmaker” flag.