FVWM Wallpaper

Hi all,
I have a question here. FVWM supports which type of image extension if to set a wallpaper ?

Im trying to setup wallpaper in my .fvwm2rc. If i specified a *.XPM image file and restart the fvwm i can see the image file set as a wallpaper. If i select a *.JPG, *.JPEG or *.PNG file i couldnt see any pictures/wallpaper coming up after restart the fvwm. My config file is as below:

  •   "&Linux"%mini-xsnow.xpm Exec xpmroot /pgad/am/gsiv/pers/xpmdir/bg-original.xpm &
  •   "&3DSea"%mini.rainbow.xpm Exec xpmroot /pgad/am/gsiv/pers/xpmdir/Rio_Coco.jpeg &

Im using xterm

Hi killserv!

from man xpmroot

That should answer your question.
I think there could be a way to use .jpg as a wallpaper using an other tool then fvwm-root…but I’m not sure…


Yes, there is…

feh is such an example.

– Thomas Adam


If you have WindowMaker installed, wmsetbg can be used.

wmsetbg mypic.jpg

It will be scaled automatically.

Just when I run it using xcompmgr, i have to try several times until it works, but this might be as I don´t have the newest versions installed, same happens with xpmroot.


Another good way:
xloadimage -onroot -fullscreen /path/to/image.whatever

Many other image viewers have an option for the root window, for example qiv, xsetroot, the ones mentioned above, etc…

Esetroot also supports a wide range of graphics format, so it’s a good choice if you’re an Eterm user :slight_smile: