FVWM wallpaper

Many window managers have dedicated wallpapers;
they display the name, logo or avatar of the WM in some fancy way.
I am only aware of two FVWM wallpapers; they were made by
phil harper and can be seen at
fvwm.sourceforge.net/logo-compet … il_Harper/

Does anyone have heard of any other FVWM wallpaper ?

Last year there was a logo contest on the fvwm official page.
The winning logo is now used as the standard logo of fvwm.

Why not a wallpaper contest ?

Since now fvwm has an utility to set wallpapers,
The winner may be chosen as the wallpaper for the default config.
Anyway, I would be happy to see people posting FVWM wallpapers
in this forum.


I never really thought about this much, but I must say, the cat theme would make for some very cool wallpapers…

I’ve been searching around a bit and it appeors there’s a Deviantart group dedicated to Fvwm, very empty though :frowning: Maybe some of the Forum readers want to go and fill it a bit with nice Fvwm goodies? [Link]

This way I also came accross ikaro’s Deviantart page.

But indeed, that’s about it…

As mentioned in my screenshots thread, I recently made my own wallpaper for FVWM, as visible in this screenshot:

It’s a 640x480 PNG graphic, I can upload it if anybody particularly wants it. . .

wow the logo competion is great

you can grab them here

ps : made with the gimp :wink:

you gave me a good idea…i think i’ma start doing some walls based on FVWM…i gotta keep practicing my Photoshop skills (does any1 uses gimp for complex graphical demands? i cant use it for anything more than resizing images…i prolly got the PS bug on me :confused: )

i’ll post some if they turn out ok…