FVWM without DM

sry my english is very unperfect :smiley:


distro: debian -sarge

How can I use fvwm, when I have already installed gnome and sawfish on my sytem. I want to use fvwm only (without a desktop environment, so I can test it), so i guess I have to disable gdm (I don’t want to uninstall gnome-stuff and gdm if possible) and then try to start fvwm from the console.

I thought that I just could move the symbolic link for gdm from /etc/rc2.d (default runlevel) and then make a .xsession file in my home-directory…?

After that I would start fvwm with startx from the console.

Is that possible ?

bye yosh

That sounds like it should work, I’m no debian user though.

[Ok, apart from the Topic ]

Do you know a possibility to start fvwm directly from gdm ?
I’ve already read this thread [1] , but maybe you’ve figured it out.
Your poll [2] shows, there are 4 persons who handle it like that.



Normally you’d have to make a new entry in /etc/X11/Sessions/ and then it should show up, unfortunatly that doesn’t seem to work with me, but it might with you :slight_smile:

It’s so easy, I can start fvwm directly from gdm without changing anything.
I’ve installed the fvwm package and know it works.