Fvwm2 and display manager on opensuse leap 15

Hi there,
I am using fvwm2 since 2002.
recently got trouble with opensuse:
Using the standard displaymanagers there appears a ‘redraw-problem’. I can move etc. windwos around but the background is not properly redrawn, I am getting these shadow-loopy traces whenever I move a window around, but not the background window nor the content of other windowns temporarily been hidden by the window in question.

In the past I could solve the issue be using sddm oder kdm.

Now even that does not help any more. Other window managers run flawlessly, but I dislike them for some reasons.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance


It occures that I was having an invalid link to the background image in my .fvwm2 config file.

The effect was a little different than described by me before: the strange swirling shadows as traces of a moving window only showed up on the background as it had been drawn by the display manager, at least with sddm.

I am pretty sure this effect was introduced during the past few years. Maybe the display managers redraw policy had changed ?!

Thanx anyway

This happens when you don’t set a background image, or whatever image you are using is no longer there. I suggest you take a look at your config and check the background image path (if you are setting it with fvwm), feh or any other tool you may use to this end.

If you are using openSUSE’s default fvwm config, keep in mind that it is really old and some of it does not play nice with fvwm 2.6.x. I would dare to say it barely works now.