Fvwm2->fvwm3 FvwmButtons with Launchtime and FvwmPager were on all pages, now only one page

I’m not using RightPanel or anything like it.
I have just one desk with a 5x4 set of pages.

I have an OK Launchtime button menu that shows up on every page.
I also have FvwmPager on all pages. This is nice. I’m just looking a simple setup.

Now that I am moving over to fvwm3 (most likely), suddenly I only get these on the first page. Mucking around, I can get one or two more to show up (same or different pages, but not all.

I’m not at all sure if what i’m getting in fvwm2 is “correct” or by accident.
If it’s correct, how can I duplicate this in my config for fvwm3?

If I need to do something like RightPanel, that’s OK. But I really don’t want the super narrow default that is given. My attempts to get my current Pager into it work, but it’s way to narrow in width to be more than just a little bit useful.

Any help would be great. Does anyone have a config with something wider than the default? It shows the vitality of FVWM that there are so many links to configs that don’t even have the websites any more. That’s pretty cool! Thanks for all the work! I keep falling back to fvwm even if I try something else. ;-}

All Modules on the page have Style with options for different behavior and looks. To be visible on all pages, add Sticky. For example in FvwmButtons or FvwmPager, include Sticky in this line with options.

Style <modulename> Sticky, NoTitle, WindowListSkip, StaysOnTop

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Thank you!
That did the trick.
And I am definitely moving to fvwm3.

For anyone that doesn’t know, there are some helpful videos under the fvwm channel on YouTube for fvwm3.