FVWM2 with KDE look

Using FVWM 2.5.31.

Our main applications runs on a KDE environment. These KDE sessions are running in a so-called kiosk mode (no icons on desktop, only a few entries in the start menu, etc.), users are not allowed to change something. I intend to switch to fvwm2. The problem is, I must keep the look of the desktop as close as possible, because this configuration is used on many servers in different countries and there exists manuals with snapshots from the desktop!
What I need are examples, configuration files for fvwm2, with KDE like looks, so I can see, how the taskbar of the KDE can be imitated under fvwm2. I need on it not only icons on the left side. After the area showing the active tasks, on the rightmost side, I need also buttons, e.g an exit-button or in some cases (abroad) an additional button for switching the keyboard mapping via setxkbmap. Further the taskbar should have a height of 48 pixels, also the icons placed on it should have this (large) size, but it does not matter if the active applications are shown in the taskbar in one or two rows.
Sorry, but I have no possibility to provide via internet a snapshot of the desktop I need.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

– Karl Ganzer

So look at any config using FvwmButtons – look to fvwm-themes.sf.net for examples – including these forums. Look in to also FvwmIconMan and FvwmPager. The examples are right there for you to see.

Alternatively, why don’t you run “kicker” (or whatever it’s called) under FVWM directly? FVWM has complete support for this.

I’d be more worried about the look and feel of applications which AREN’T natively using Qt to be honest.

– Thomas Adam

The last time I tried to run “kicker” on fvwm ended in quite a desaster. That thing pulled the whole KDE desktop on the screen, which is just a window with decoration obscuring the root-window. And KDE has an other interpretation of virtual desktops than fvwm :confused: