FVWM2RC background / foreground Question

Hi All,
Im new here. Im having a problem. How to change the Background or Foreground color in fvwm2rc …

My console color is Blue & when i hilite a text in my console, that color is also Blue. Which makes me confusing whether i hilite the text or not…

Appreciate if someone can shed some light on this problem…


The coloring of your console depends on the type of console, so if you could tell us which one you’re using… (Eterm, xterm, aterm, (u)rxvt,…)

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Hi Thank you blankdragon for your kind reply.

Im using an xterm

The manpage for xterm specifies that you can change the background color with "-bg " and the font (foreground) color with "-fg ", so if I wanted a black background and a gray foreground I’d type something like this:

xterm -bg black -fg grey

You might want to check out the xterm manpage by typing “man xterm” in a console, this will bring up a list of all options available with xterm, the format of manpages is pretty cryptic but you get used to that in the end :slight_smile:

Other interesting option are -title to set a title for you terminal and -font to set a font for the terminal…

Hope this helped you :slight_smile:

One especially handy file for this is ~/.Xdefaults. You can make it contain default settings for different X programs you use. Here are some settings from my .Xdefaults -file:

XTermsaveLines: 2000
font: “xft:monospace”
Rxvt*scrollBar: False


While it is true that I also prefer ~/.X{defaults,resources}, there are some other external programs which can manipulate Xterms. namely:


– Thomas Adam