FVWM3 Config/Form/Script Files Usage

Hello to all, please excuse my ignorance for asking this. I really like using FVWM3 but I would like to try my hand at creating my own layouts, colorset schemes, configs, etc… The files in /usr/share/fvwm3/, how do I use these files in creating my custom configuration? Do I add them to the ~/.fvwm/config file or do I create a .fvwm2rc file with references to those files? Also, if I create a .fvwm2rc file, will this file become obsolete when support for FVWM2 in FVWM3 dies?

I know I’ve kind of word vomited here, and again my apologies for probably asking a very fundamental question to this group.

Respects to all.

Hey @demanche

If you start fvwm3 without a valid config file, such as:

fvwm3 -f /tmp/doesnotexist

… then that will make fvwm3 load the default configuration. Thereupon, you can click on the root window, and select Copy Config and follow the instructions, which will create a ~/.fvwm/ directory for you wuth everything you need to get going.

As for making things obsolete – no, there’s no big-bang approach here. Things will be piecemeal and a converter written to help transition over. We’re a long way off that yet.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read and reply to my post. This is good information to know. If I may tip the vessel of knowledge a little further, when I selected the Copy option, it copied the singular file ‘config’ and like most neophytes, I changed colors and that was successful. The other files in /usr/share/fvwm3/ like ConfigPager, or FvwmDesktop, do I just copy those to the newly created ~/.fvwm/ folder and after that how do I integrate those changes?

If I’m pestering too much or my questions are still too fundamental, please let me know.

@demanche Another new option in the default-config in Fvwm3 is instead of creating a full copy of the config as suggested above, you can use the default config and add any customizations/changes to ~/.fvwm/local.config. Just another option if you want to use the default-config without having to edit, deal with the full config file at once (note this is very new, you need to be using the master branch from git and it will be included in 1.0.4).