FVWM3 myExt 3 (user-centered)

I have opened this topic for the new myExt version 3. It is quite different from the previous one with the aim of being user-centered. Where the user can make changes and create his or her own. Hopefully, this removes the old image of Fvwm being difficult to configure. Also, it is easy to share user-made configs. And co-exist with other Fvwm based WMs and DEs.

Here is the preview video.

Version 3.0.2 will be soon uploaded.

I have tested the current 54 extensions on NsCDE. A minor change from using on Fvwm3, they work fine. When I get time, planning to make one short video. Check the screenshot.

Works well also on Xfce, LXDE, and KDE Plasma.
In terminal or autostart: “fvwm3 --replace

Include this in config.

Style *Whisker* NoTitle
Style *panel* NoTitle

Finally, the Fvwm extensions are ready. Works like a user-oriented model to use, modify and create your own. One-time install and then upgrade with Extension Installer. This graphic installer makes it user-friendly for those who prefer a quick setup of their choice. The update is handled through the GitHub repository.

How does it work? Make a test run.
There are new MX linux and Arch Linux Fvwm-myExt respin ISO (3.1.4) in SourceForge site that has been recognized with a Rising Star award by SourceForge. How does it look, click the below screenshot.


Login (Arch Linux):
username: demo
pass: demo