Fvwm3 Tiling 'patch'

Does anyone out in fvwm3-land have a functioning tiling function they are willing to share? I find some prior version material around the net, but thus far have failed to identify anything that works very well for me on fvwm3.

Hi @manyroads

Have you seen: https://github.com/urob/fvwm-tiling

This is perhaps the most comprehensive tiling example Fvwm has.

Thank you @thomasadam I’ll see what I can do with this… ;)

Pardon me, but I have avoided that one for years, because of your comments here: Best of both worlds - A tiling window manager configuration And I have also spent a lot of time to (unsuccessfully), get FvwmPiazza working. Is “Best of both worlds” the right way to go now.?

Hi @dante65

Heh. That was a long time ago. FvwmPiazza is alas no longer maintained. The tiling config from Rob will work just fine. Use that.