Fvwm95(fork) not apply settings from .fvwm95rc

Hi. Compiled and installed fvwm95 fork from git.
Copy fvwm95rc to /home, make changes, uncoment some options,
launch fvwm95,
i see only blank desktop and empy task bar at bottom only two icons at right coner, volume and clock,
left corner is empty, no Start menu button,
also no main fvwm95 panel with different options,
why? how configure fvwm95?

This is not the place for fvwm95 support (unsure if anyone supports it anymore).

Why not just install fvwm (fvwm3 preferred) and make it look like windows98?


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fvwm95 forked and still develop

redmond98 not really what i whant, thx

If you are looking for a classic Fvwm, try @PrisonGuy AfterStepClassic Reborn or install the latest AfterStep 2.2. It works and looks good.
sudo apt install afterstep


I must say I agree with @somiaj. Installing FVWM3 and using the Wiki page he provided as a base for you to make it look just like Win95 is the way forward. FVWM3 has lots of features that the old fvwm95 has not and probably will never get. For sure it will get a bit of doing getting there, but it can be done if you put some effort on it.

According to the README posted on that GH project you shared all they have done, so far, is make sure fvwm95 builds in modern systems. Nothing more. It stills relies in deprecated libraries like Xinerama and has no UTF-8 support either, as far I can tell. It also states that they have made some changes to the way config files are done. Perhaps that’s why you are having issues?

Anyway… if you choose to stick to fvwm95, please report any issues to the current developer of that project.

On a side note… @amlug please stop giving unhelpful answers. The topic at hand has nothing to do with AfterStepClassic Reborn or AfterStep.

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Thanks looks interesting

Thanks. Yes i am just want look at fvwm95 at modern os.
Have some progress at configuration.
After switching WM to one monitor
+ I Test (Init) Exec xrandr -s 1920x1080
Start menu is appears at right place.
But other things is hard to configure may be because config have issues or outdated?

Yes, i do reports