FvwmBanner doesn't display

I run Devuan Linux on several machines, and my config file calls FvwmBanner when X11 is started using Fvwm2 for window management. Recently Devuan was upgraded from version chimaera to daedalus, and the Linux kernel upgraded from 5.10.0-25 to 6.1.0-11 – there is no problem with Fvwm2 except on virtual machines set up with Virtual Box on a Windows 10 host. On the virtual machines, the banner does not display, though it does leave some minor glitches in xterm window frames. When invoked it DOES show in pager, but not on the actual display.

Has anyone else run into this problem. It could be related to the video adapter on the virtual machines, since there is no problem on real hardware.

Additional information: it turns out that the latest version of Virtual Box (7.0.10) does have some issues with 3D acceleration. FvwmBanner has a transparent background and may require this feature; that would explain that it works properly on recent hardware, but not on virtual machines.

I would appreciate comments from anyone familiar with precisely how the module FvwmBanner depends on 3D acceleration. I am not familiar with the functionality.

FvwmBanner isn’t working on my new System76 Ubuntu laptop either, which is not a virtual machine but a real one. I’m having other weird problems too, like I can’t disable WindowShade no matter what, and my terminal titles are corrupted in the ~ directory. Perplexing, and maybe not at all related.

FvwmBanner has been removed in fvwm3, so that could explain why it isn’t working anymore.

Looking at the FvwmBanner xpm file, it uses “transparent” as the background colour. I suspect the problem is not with Fvwm but with how systems render this. It certainly is the problem with the minimal graphical resources of a virtual machine.