FvwmButton change color.

Hello there,
is there a way to make the fvwm button to change the colors when your mouse moving or hover over ? i know there is a way to set the FvwmButtons but ive no clue how to do that.

Here is how my FvwmButtons module look like:
FvwmButtonsBack #908090
FvwmButtonsFont -adobe-helvetica-bold-r--
#*FvwmButtonsFore LightSkyBlue
*FvwmButtonsFore Black
#*FvwmButtonsGeometry 100x100-1-1
*FvwmButtonsGeometry 90x90-1-0
*FvwmButtonsRows 5

Im using fvwm version: fvwm2-2.5.9-42.1

This can be done only with colorsets: ‘activecolorset’ is what you need in your moduleconfig. Check the man page.

You should be using a version of FVWM later than the one you are (2.5.21 is handy) if you want to use the ActiveColorset feature of FVWM.

No, here’s what it should look like:

*FvwmButtons: Back #908090 *FvwmButtons: Font -adobe-helvetica-bold-r-*-*-10-*-*-*-*-*-*-* #*FvwmButtons: Fore LightSkyBlue *FvwmButtons: Fore Black #*FvwmButtons: Geometry 100x100-1-1 *FvwmButtons: Geometry 90x90-1-0 *FvwmButtons: Rows 5

– Thomas Adam