FvwmButtons focus icon

For a button in FvwmButtons, I have the following specified:

*Taskbar: \
( \
        86x24, \
        Icon 521-taskbar-root-menu.png \
        ActiveIcon 521-taskbar-root-menu-over.png \
        PressIcon 521-taskbar-root-menu-click.png \
        Action(Mouse 1) `Menu MenuApplications Rectangle +0+26 0 0m` \

At first, everything’s fine, when I mouse over, the active icon comes up, and when it leaves the normal icon comes back. great! :smiley: When I press down the mouse button, the pressIcon comes up, but then when I release the mouse button, the menu comes up, and the button goes back to the normal icon until i click again to make the menu go away. I would really like to keep that as the press icon or figure out some way to control what’s displayed there while the menu’s open. Any thoughts?

I think this is intentional, as when a menu is mapped, all input for mouse and keyboard are grabbed.

– Thomas Adam

So is it possible to set the icon while the menu has focus?

I don’t believe so.

– Thomas Adam