Fvwmbuttons stacking


I use fvwmbuttons, and have the style set this way:

Style FvwmButtons Sticky, NoHandles, StaysOnBottom, BorderWidth 0
Style FvwmButtons NeverFocus, FixedPosition

I’ve also got it set so maximize doesn’t cover the buttons, and run a few applications maximized. It works well, except for this case:


As you can see, my sub-panels pop up under other windows, which is annoying.

I’m not sure how to go about setting style commands that will apply to those panels and not the main panel. It’s been a while since I’ve worked in the config file and it’s looking like greek to me again.

Anyway, any advice would help. If it would help, my config file is at:


Well, a style string will apply to any window whose title or resource string matches the pattern given. So Style “" gets everything, Style "Fvwm” gets all the Fvwm modules and Style FvwmButtons gets all the FvwmButtons instances and, in this case, applies StaysOnBottom to them

Where there are multiple styles that match the one last defined in the config takes precedence. So you could, for example say

Style "Graphics" StaysOnTop Style "Net" StaysOnTop
and so forth. The trouble there is that “net” and “graphics” are likely to catch other windows sooner or later. Better practice is to prefix your names with “FvwmButtons-”. Then you can say

Style "FvwmButtons-Graphics" StaysOnTop Style "FvwmButtons-Net" StaysOnTop
with confidence that only your panels will be affected.

Cool, that worked like a charm. Thanks for the help - I was a bit uncertain about the string matching.