fvwmButtons swallows browser?

I’ve run into a rather odd problem. I use the conky system monitor, which is swallowed into fvwmButtons with the command

*FvwmButtons: (2x2, Frame 0, Swallow(UseOld,NoHints,Respawn) "Conky*" `Exec exec /usr/bin/conky -q`)

This works ok. The problem is with my browser (Opera). When I use it to look for say conky documentation, it changes its window title to the web page title. If that happens to match the “Conky*” string, the browser gets swallowed into fvwmButtons, replacing the conky instance that was there.

Is there any way to fix this, say by having the swallow command recognize the executed command?


Do you really need the wildcard ?
If yes then try to swallow conky with another field , you have choice between Name, Class and ressource.