FvwmButtons: title and icon do not play well together

Using Fvwm 3.0.6a (released) compiled from the Arch Linux AUR package, I have found an apparent problem with FvwmButtons. To bring things down to a minimal example, I want a FvwmButton (called “BtnTracker”) with a title “BAT” and a battery icon. Here is my code:

DestroyModuleConfig BtnTracker:*
*BtnTracker: Geometry 100x28+272+10
*BtnTracker: Columns 100
*BtnTracker: Rows 28
*BtnTracker: Back #fffff8
*BtnTracker: Fore #000000
*BtnTracker: Frame 0
*BtnTracker: Padding 10 2
*BtnTracker: Font "xft:DejaVu Sans:size=11:antialias=True"
*BtnTracker: (100x28, Id battery, Left, Title "BAT", Icon battery.png)

The problem is that even though the icon and the title should not overlap horizontally (due to the Left option), the horizontal area corresponding to the title seems to overwrite/hide/interfere with the lower portion of the icon:


I have tried adding a Side option to the Title, as suggested by the man page, but nothing seems to work.

As a workaround, I will be happy to create two buttons side by side, one with the icon and one with the title, and I know this will work because in my example, the icon does show up correctly if the title is left empty.

But I would like to know more – is this a bug, or did I misunderstand something?

I forgot to post a screenshot of the same button with the Title set to “”:


Here the icon shows up correctly.

I did a quick search for examples using Title and Icon in the same FvwmButtons. Fvwm2 does it…
*FvwmButtons(1x1,Frame 2, Title “xlock” Action Exec xlock, Icon xlock_acm.xpm)

Why not put the icon and the title in separate buttons to position how you prefer?

This is indeed what I have done. But the issue (bug?) remains, with respect to FVWM3 at least. As rasat pointed out, there was seemingly no issue in FVWM2.